Using Push Notifications to Boost Customer Retention in your Cannabis Retail Store

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Using Push Notifications to Boost Customer Retention in your Cannabis Retail Store

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Adopting innovative strategies can drive customer loyalty and sales in the ever-changing cannabis retail landscape.

In today’s fast-paced world, we as consumers have come to expect those instant updates and personalized promotions that add a newfound convenience to our shopping experience. 

It can be something as simple as a “Price Drop Alert” from your favorite fashion store on a piece you’ve been wanting to add to your wardrobe, or a birthday promo code from your go-to food delivery app.

This relationship between business and consumer works to create loyalty to a brand and ensures that shoppers continue to come back. This begs the question: As a dispensary owner, why aren’t you creating this experience for your shoppers?

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the need for retailers to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This means finding new ways to engage with your customers beyond traditional social media and SMS outreach which, let’s face it, is tedious and subject to restrictions out of your control. That’s where STRAIN steps in.

By the end of this read, you’ll learn more about:

    • How push notifications work and their effectiveness over SMS outreach
    • Ways to market to specific demographics within your shopper base
    • How personalized messaging can drive better results

STRAIN gives cannabis retail shops the ability to reach their audience in ways they probably never thought were possible. Within the catalog of services we provide for dispensaries to optimize their sales, marketing, and customer data analytics, is our ability to create a tailor-made mobile app specifically for your retail space. In addition to having the power to present your entire dispensary operation at the palm of your customers’ hand, you’ll have the ability to market directly to them via push notification marketing.

So how does it work? Well similar to the push notifications you already receive from the apps you rely on, your dispensary’s mobile app will give you that same power to send personalized messages, promotions, and updates to all of the shoppers who have downloaded your app and are opted-in to receive push notifications. How does this differ from the SMS marketing you’ve been relying on? Well for one, push notifications are FREE to send, no matter how many, and with the possibility to segment your audience, you can strategically send out several campaigns on the same day. In addition, push notification marketing is also much more reliable than SMS outreach. As more and more mobile carriers continue to shy away from cannabis-related marketing, the assurance that your text messages will reach your shoppers continues to dwindle. Push notification marketing on the other hand, offers nearly 100% delivery rates.

A great way to further differentiate your outreach with push marketing is through segmentation. STRAIN’s platform allows dispensaries the ability to formulate and track campaigns to specific demographics with the click of a button. Some examples of segmentations that are available to marketers include customer gender, product preferences, last visit to store, birthdate, amount of loyalty points, and much more! Utilizing this feature saves your shoppers from feeling bombarded by messages that aren’t necessarily relevant to them. Conversely, when you’re marketing VIP Specials to your frequent shoppers, or “We Miss You” campaigns to people who haven’t visited the store in a few months, they’ll feel as though you’ve taken the time to speak directly to them.

Why is this personalization so important for customers? For one, it improves their shopping experience, especially when you can guide them to the right products based on their interests and purchasing behavior. It also leads to increased revenue for your dispensary. In fact, it is estimated that people are 60% more likely to purchase from a company again when they feel they’ve had a personalized experience.

Knowing how high the likelihood is that someone will repurchase from your retail store just by personalizing your message to them should be proof enough why push notifications can elevate your marketing strategy. With STRAIN’s platform you can ensure that you have the tools necessary to create personalized marketing campaigns to your unique customer base without having to sacrifice efficiency or pay exorbitant fees to get your message out there.

Let’s connect if you want to:

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