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Do you know how your current technology is impacting your retail margins?

How lowering technology costs can increase profitability in your cannabis operation

Nowadays cannabis retailers are struggling to survive in a saturated market which makes it difficult to stay afloat. They face multiple hurdles, such as product price drops, competition, and steep operating costs.

Retailers often focus on operational costs, mostly associated with overhead, rent, utilities and professional service providers to keep a profitable business. But what about the costs associated with technology?

By the end of this blog, you will be able to:

    • Identify whether the services you’re currently using are worth it
    • Analyze the real cost associated with operating multiple platforms
    • Evaluate if the services you’re using are driving ROI for the operation

You will also gain insight into what you can expect from STRAIN, such as:

    • Tools to identify if the technology platforms you’re using are effective and fit your operation needs
    • Alternatives you can implement to lower costs and centralize your operation

A retailer can easily spend up to $36,000 annually per location between marketplaces, POS, e-commerce, marketing and retention tools, among others. And as more retailers enter the market, it becomes increasingly difficult and pricier for you  to stand out and attract customers. Imagine the impact you can make in your operation by having an extra $20,000 to spend on an additional employee, marketing or even more inventory.

If there’s one thing retailers can do to address this and lower tech costs, it’s to learn how to leverage other technologies to merge services and quantify a platform’s offering.

At STRAIN we’ve created a unique tool to help you realize how much money you can annually save in your operation. With the cannabis retailer Savings Calculator, retailers will be able to select the services they use in their organization and view an average of their annual savings by switching to STRAIN.

Imagine saving up to 70% on your tech bills by centralizing your whole operation in a single platform without sacrificing the productivity and work quality of your team, all while using a better product.

Try our Savings Calculator and see see how much you can SAVE. It’s accurate, easy to use, and FREE!

Let’s connect if you want to:

    • Lower marketing campaigns costs
    • Centralize services for cost effectiveness
    • Lower your technology costs
    • Claim your single-location Freemium plan (available to single location retailers)

Another great option to lower marketing and tech costs is by taking advantage of the most cost-effective customer retention strategies like the ones below:

    • We miss you campaigns (FREE)
    • In-store events (giveaways with a brand collabs)
    • Personalized Push notifications campaigns (FREE)
    • VIP Clubs enrollment
    • Bring a bud exclusive deals

Learn about these strategies and more in our blog post “The sure-fire way to retain customers in a retail cannabis shop to keep them coming back”.

We have integrations with the tools you're already using
BioTrack integration with Strain

BioTrack is a seed-to-sale inventory management and dispensary point-of-sale software designed specifically for the green industry.

MJ integration with Strain

MJFreeway Business Solutions provides compliance software for the green industry.

Flowhub integration with Strain

Flowhub is a software that provides compliance, point of sale, payments, inventory management, analytics, and easy integrations.

Blaze provides data, insights, and other software tools you need to grow your green operation and optimize customer experience.


STRAIN mobile APP and all in one platform helps retailers to centralize their sales, marketing, customer service, and retention tools to centralize their operation while lowering up to 70% of technology costs.