The only tech suite that centralizes your E-CommerceMarketingRetention

STRAIN helps retailers to centralize their operation by eliminating the need of multiple tools to run a cost-effective operation.

How can we help retailers?

Wether you're opening a shop or looking for alternate solutions we can set you up in the right path

E-Commerce Solutions

With so many options we'll help you navigate through them to select the right option based on value, needs and offering.

Marketing & Retention Tools

Not all e-commerce solutions are built the same. We'll make sure you have the most robust and high converting online store.

CRM & Analytics Suite

Don't focus just on acquiring customers. We'll help you define and understand how to implement the right retention tools so they repeat.

The Tools Needed to Centralize your Cannabis Operation

Why a Branded Mobile APP?

Take your store to the next level with your own branded mobile APP for iOS and Android provides customers a faster buying experience. 

VidaCann Mobile App

90% of Retail Sales Happens in Mobile APPs

It’s no secret that mobile apps are the most used E-Commerce channel for retail. Wondering why top retail companies manages 80% of their sales 80% mobile apps?

Your Brand Your Tone

Why have the same E-com as everyone? With an app you have full control of the shopping experience

Faster Checkouts

6x faster shopping experience vs online e-commerce & one click checkout, customers spend more time in your store

Proactive Commerce

People see their phones constantly. Having your app icon on their phones will push them to shop back again

Higher Conversions

Apps instant page loads & seamless checkout helps retailers convert 4x more vs traditional e-commerce.

Increase Retention

Apps customized shopping experiences, loyalty programs & app exclusives will make them repeat customers

Customer Engagement

Engaging customers with push alerts helps drive traffic into your app on a repeat basis increases revenue

Be in control of your operation from a single dashboard!

Our Process

We Analyze

Our engineering team will scan your e-commerce and online presence to identify potential issues

We Suggest

Our team will come up with a report tailored for your operation based on our tech team recommendations

We Implement

We'll make sure all recommendations are implemented to have a fully operational online presence

Happy Customers

Helping Teams Across
All Departments

Having your whole team in the same page will brings peace of mind to the operation. Collaboration between sales, marketing and retention personnel will be easier than ever.

Don't Break the Bank with Text Messaging?
Switch to Push Notifications

Still wondering if your campaign reach all your customers? With Push notifications you have a clearer view on who’s receiving your campaigns and engaging with them

Rocky Mountains Mobile App

100% Free Campaigns

No matter how many customers you have in your database push notifications campaigns are ALWAYS FREE!

Engagement You Can Measure

Stop the guessing of who received your campaigns! Learn who's engaging with your marketing efforts

Powerful Segmentations

Stop sending generic messages to your customer base and target them based on their preferences.

Save up to 70% by centralizing your operation

When you switch to STRAIN you’ll know what’s running a lean and seamless store. With all the tools you’re already using and more all in a single solution.


The Tools Needed for Customer Retention

Discounts Engine

Keep customers coming back with exclusive discounts.

-Tiered Discounts

Loyalty Rewards

-VIP Programs
-Points, visits, points options


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Marketing Tools

-Push Notifications
-Text Messaging -

We Partner with the Companies you Already Know
BioTrack integration with Strain

BioTrack is a seed-to-sale inventory management and dispensary point-of-sale software designed specifically for the green industry.

MJ integration with Strain

MJFreeway Business Solutions provides compliance software for the green industry.

Flowhub integration with Strain

Flowhub is a software that provides compliance, point of sale, payments, inventory management, analytics, and easy integrations.

Blaze provides data, insights, and other software tools you need to grow your green operation and optimize customer experience.

Cova is a leading POS in North America, powering stores of all sizes, from boutique shops to multi-location enterprise.

Greenline POS is a compliant, Canadian retail infrastructure providing tools for in-store point-of-sale to online e-commerce.

Merrco is a secure payment solution that makes payments simpler every step of the way.

Surfside is an end-to-end marketing technology that aggregates data across all customer touchpoints allowing advertisers to better understand their customers.

CanPay is a debit payment app that allows you to pay at retailers with a simple debit to your checking account.

Hypur Partner

Hypur is a payment processing & bank compliance technology for high-risk markets.


STRAIN is the only mobile APP and platform that helps retailers centralize all their operation tools for sales, marketing, customer service, and retention in a real-time connection to the POS!