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The STRAIN team can help you decide the best POS, E-commerce or technology needs for your dispensary operation so you can run a cost-effective operation.

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Wether you're opening a dispensary or looking for platform alternatives we can set you in the right path

POS Selection or Migration

With so many options we'll help you navigate through them to select the right option based on value, needs and offering.

E-commerce Transition

Not all e-commerce solutions are built the same. We'll make sure you have the most robust and high converting online store.

Selecting Marketing Right Tools

Don't focus just on acquiring customers. We'll help you define and understand how to implement the right retention tools so your customers keep coming back.

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Wether you’re opening your dispensary, transitioning from a POS, E-Commerce or marketing platform we can provide the right consultation

We Partner with the Companies you Already Know
BioTrack integration with Strain

BioTrack is a seed-to-sale inventory management and dispensary point-of-sale software designed specifically for the green industry.

MJ integration with Strain

MJFreeway Business Solutions provides compliance software for the green industry.

Flowhub integration with Strain

Flowhub is a software that provides compliance, point of sale, payments, inventory management, analytics, and easy integrations.

Blaze provides data, insights, and other software tools you need to grow your green operation and optimize customer experience.

Cova is a leading POS in North America, powering stores of all sizes, from boutique shops to multi-location enterprise.

Growflow partner

Growflow is an easy to use seed-to-sale software backed with great customer support.

Greenline POS is a compliant, Canadian retail infrastructure providing tools for in-store point-of-sale to online e-commerce.

Onfleet integration with Strain

Onfleet is a delivery management software for high regulated industries designed for quick implementation and increased efficiency.

CanPay is a debit payment app that allows you to pay at retailers with a simple debit to your checking account.

Merrco is a secure payment solution that makes payments simpler every step of the way.

Hypur Partner

Hypur is a payment processing & bank compliance technology for high-risk markets.

Surfside is an end-to-end marketing technology that aggregates data across all customer touchpoints allowing advertisers to better understand their customers.


STRAIN is the only mobile APP and platform that helps dispensaries centralize all their operation tools for sales, marketing, customer service, and retention in a real-time connection to the POS!